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Fast Engineer & Fabricators are the best providers when it comes to the services of Pump Manifolds Service, Site Erections Service, Petroleum storage tanks. The dictionary meaning of manifold is the arrangement of lines and valves that are used to direct and control fluid on a pumping unit. There is a low pressure manifold and high pressure manifold - manifolds on the pump suction are known as low-pressure manifolds and on the other hand manifolds located on the pump discharge are commonly known as the high-pressure manifold.

Manifolds are basically the essential control hubs for central heating systems. Their main purpose is the water distribution of hot/cold pipes within radiant heating and cooling systems.

There are various components of Manifolds which includes - 

Flow Sight Gauges – A sight flow indicator is the type of indictaor that gauges the direction, speed and flow of the process material. These gauges are installed in a pipe that provides a visual aid to verify liquid flow for direction and accuracy and this output is set by the heat losses and floor build up.

Drain Valves and Air Vents – Air valves are located on the ‘flow’ and ‘return’ arms of the manifold and they work as a remover of air from the system. The drain valves on the other hand do the initial filling and draining. 

Thermometer Gauge – Thermometers gauges are the liquid expansion devices which are used for temperature measurement. They are directly attached to the manifold, allowing for accurate temperature measurement of the manifold.

Manifold Isolation Valves – The manifold isolation valves are connected to the mixing unit or manifold which are used for the testing of the manifolds.

Manifold Mixing Unit – The Mixing Unit is another important component which is used to blend the water pumped from the heating source and the floor circuits, and helps to maintain the correct temperature for the entire system without affecting any of the primary floor circuits.

Actuator – The product helps to open and close every circuit, enabling the water to flow effectively through the entire system. 

Wiring Centre – The other component that we have is the wiring centre which is responsible for controlling and maintaining all the electrical of the heating system.

Working of Manifold System:

The manifold works by controlling the flow of hot water throughout the entire heating system which helps maintain a comfortable and even temperature across your floor, and keeps your home warm. The manifold acts as the central ‘HUB’ that connects the supply and return lines. Every pipe manifold consists of a flow manifold, which indicates the flow rate of each loop, and a return manifold alongside. Every loop is fitted with an open/close valve that is controlled by an actuator valve that is controlled by the thermostat.

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