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PESO, which stands for Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, is an organisation launched for the purpose of  Auto-Renewal of licences in Form G (Licence to dispense compressed natural gas in a CNG dispensing station as automotive fuel) under Gas Cylinders Rules, 2004 with effect from 21st September 2016.

The explosives, Petroleum storage tanks, and other dangerous products earlier used to fall under CCOE and require a licence such as  Explosive licence for storage of diesel,  but was then changed from CCOE to PESO in 2010.  It was done with the aim of simplifying administration and the increasing specialisation of the authority. The CCoE is still at the top and is called the Chief Inspector of Explosives. In addition, CCoE is also the formal title of the Indian auditors as well as all directors within the organisation who are responsible for issuing certificates & licences, hence the term “CCoE certification” is still widely used.

For the safety purpose, a detailed list of products needing certification has been made which mentions the products that are made compulsory to be manufactured only after having the PESO licence.This list also includes electrical equipment that needs to withstand highly corrosive saltwater, very hot environments or purely mechanical components if they are used in hazardous areas in India.In brief, there is a general principle that can be followed for explosion-proof products - All products that need either IECEx or ATEX certification also need PESO.

One more thing to focus on is that the products that fall under PESO are generally highly hazardous and dangerous which necessitate the companies to have their products certified after proper due diligence.    

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If you are interested in PESO product certification for the Indian oil and gas market, then we can help you get the licence by completing the process of certification.


Detailed process of PESO certification in India

Preparation of application documents, especially ATEX/ IECEx certificates and test reports

Application at PESO authority

Checking of application documents by PESO

Only for certain products: Tests in India

Only for certain products such as pressure vessels: Factory audit

Issuance of PESO certificate

For the purpose of availing the licence:

We will check for you, without obligation, whether your product is subject to mandatory certification or not.

To give you an idea of the costs and effort involved in obtaining the licence will also be prepared by us.

We will take care of all communication with the Indian authorities and will advise you on how to fill out the application documents and support you in appointing a local representative.

We will take care of the whole communication process with the authorities and will make sure that your certification process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible and that your efforts are kept to a minimum.

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