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Know About Types Of Fuels With Fast Engineers and Fabricators

Know About Types Of Fuels With Fast Engineers and Fabricators

A motor fuel is a fuel that is used to provide power or energy to the motor in various vehicles.

Normally the majority of motor vehicles are powered by gasoline or diesel. Along with these two there are many other sources of energy which include ethanol, biodiesel, propane, compressed natural gas, electric batteries, and hydrogen. For different types of Petroleum storage tanks, Installation of Hi-Speed Diesel Service, Installation of Hi-Speed Diesel Storage , supply of cap assy fuel tanks are prepared and provided by Fast Engineers & Fabricators.

 Types of Fuels:


One of the most commonly used types is Gasoline. This petroleum-based fuel is found in most of today’s common cars. There are various advantages of using Gasoline such as

Fast Acceleration – Gasoline accelerates much better than other fuels. Also vehicles powered by gasoline are quick to start than other vehicles

Quiet Combustion and Operation – While the exhaust does help with hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, it is highly-favored for its quiet combustion and operation, particularly desired in passenger vehicles.

Powerful Energy Source – Vehicles that run on gasoline can run 24/7 and also  there is no need for charging to drive longer.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas is a fuel gas which is basically made of petrol. CNG is widely and most commonly used in Auto rickshaws, Cars & Buses. There are many advantages of using CNG such as :

Non-Corrosive – Compared to others, it is a clear, odorless and non-corrosive gas which causes less wear on a combustion engine.

Decreased Pollution – Vehicles that run on CNG produce 80% less carbon emissions than those that burn gasoline.


Diesel fuel is the type of fuel that is widely used in transport tractors, trucks and buses. Using diesel provides many advantages such as

Less Pollution – The exhaust in case of fuel contains less carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, which contributes to smog and pollution in the environment. Also these vehicles operate at around 30% higher efficiency than other sources

Longer Vehicle Life –  Vehicles using diesel have comparatively long life.


Another name of Propane is liquefied petroleum.  It causes fewer toxic chemicals than gasoline and diesel and results in less pollution. It is also cheaper than the other products.


An effective biofuel alternative for gasoline is Ethanol, which is made by converting sugar cane, corn, barley, and other natural products into fuel. Cars can even run on 100% ethanol but most use an additive. The higher the concentration of ethanol in fuel, the lower the carbon emissions.


Kerosene is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid which is used as fuel in older lamps and heating units. 

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