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Whenever you pick up your phone, handle a tool, get in your car or handle any electronic tool;you are using the results of various metal fabrication processes. It is the process of manufacturing sheet metal and other flat metals to make them conform to specific shapes. 

The work of usually consist of three phases: 

Design - where shop drawings are created to the intended measurements; 

Fabrication - It involves the aforementioned cutting, bending, and/or assembling; 

Installation - It is done where the end product or structure is put together

There are different processes that are used in metal fabrication and some of them are:


One of the various processes of metal fabrications involve extrusion in which the workpiece is forced through or around an open or closed die. When going through this step  the diameter of the workpiece is reduced to the cross-section of the die. Then it is pressed around a die and  a cavity is formed within the workpiece. Both of these steps use a metal slug as the workpiece, and a ram to perform the impact operation and the resulting cylindrical item is usually wiring or piping. This process of extrusion can be continuous to create very long pieces, or semi-continuous in order to create many shorter pieces.


The second process to be taken into consideration is machining which is the process of shaping metal by removing the unwanted material from it. This process can be performed in a variety of ways and there are many different machining processes, including drilling, turning, and milling.

Machining involves drilling which uses a rotary cutting tool, the drill bit, to cut a hole in the material. There is a  drill bit pressed against the metal while being rotated very quickly in order to create a circular hole.

Machining then involves Turning in which lathe is used to rotate the metal while a cutting tool moves in a linear motion to remove metal along the diameter, creating a cylindrical shape. Different shapes can be given by angling the tool differently.


Another process that is used in metal fabrication is Stamping, which is quite similar to punching except that the press doesn’t create a hole in the metal, but only an indentation, i.e. The turret doesn’t completely force the metal through the die, but only raises it. Stamping is one of the best ways used to form shapes, letters, or images in a metal panel or sheet.


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