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Various Processes Of Metal Fabrication

Various Processes Of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication can basically be defined as creating products or structures by cutting, bending, and/or assembling metal material. It is a value-added process and it consists of putting together actual products or structures from metal raw material.

Fast Engineer & Fabricatiors provide many services including Pump Manifolds Service, Tank fabricator Service, Metal Fabrication Service. Some of the various metal fabrication processes are:



Casting is one of the most commonly used fabrication processes in which molten metal is poured in a mold or die and is then allowed to cool and harden into the desired shape. There are various types of casting that are used majorly in mass productions.

1: One of them is  Die-casting (known for the high-speed applications it supports) in which liquid metal is forced into a die instead of a mold, and the applied pressure keeps it in the desired place until it gets hard.

2: On the other hand, is Permanent mold casting which involves pouring of the molten metal into a mold. Permanent mold casting can create stronger castings than die casting, but its limitation is that they can sometimes be found difficult to remove from the final product.

3: Because of the above mentioned reason, semi-permanent mold castings are also made available by Fast Engineers & Fabricators. These molds have expandable cores, making them more manageable and less costly to remove. 

4 :The last and the final casting process is sand casting in which castings are made by pressing a pattern into a fine mixture of sand that forms a mold for the molten metal to be poured into. This process is comparatively slow but is generally more economical.


The other commonly used metal fabrication process that involves cutting off a workpiece to split it into smaller sections is known as Cutting. Compared to the oldest methods like sawing, modern methods include laser cutting, waterjet cutting and power scissors. 

Another cutting process is Die cutting that uses a die to slice metal. Rotary die cutting uses a spinning cylindrical die to cut the material that is fed through a press. Die cutting is used on thicker metal materials and uses a die on a press to cut out shapes when the 

die stamps down on the metal is known as Flatbed Die Cutting.



Another famous fabrication process is Drawing which uses tensile force to pull metal into and through a tapered die. This process usually takes place at room temperature, and is called cold drawing, but the metal workpiece can be heated in order to reduce the required 




Metal folding or fabrication is simply the process of applying one or bends to a sheet of metal by securing the sheet at a certain point and applying enough pressure to fold the metal. The angle of the bend is usually determined by the shape of the top or bottom tool and 

also the pressure applied.

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