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In industrial works, the situations- where you will need to get two or more requirements fulfilled at the same point of time - occurs many-a-times. To keep these types of situations under control requires products like ‘manifolds’ which help with combining gases or fluids, controlling multiple valves, Steel Fabrication Service , fuels management Service, Pump Manifolds Service , Site Erections Service operating pneumatic and hydraulic systems, i.e. things that require multiple functions be performed simultaneously.

A manifold is a fluid or gas distribution system  made up of several key components or devices that serves to bring many valves into one place or a single channel into an area where many points meet. Manifold systems can range from simple supply chambers with several outlets, to multi-chambered flow control units and are used to serve various purposes. A hollow container in the form of a pipe or tube is used to move fluid and Tees, elbows, crosses, plugs, and other parts are used to fit the pipe and tube to the manifold and the flow of the fluids through the ports of the manifold is controlled by having one or more valves attached.

Types of Manifold

There are basically four types of manifolds i.e., direct connect, coplanar, traditional, and conventional.

Direct connect or inline manifolds

Direct connect, also known as inline manifold, usually comes with 2-valve assembly and ½” process connection. The direct connect, sometimes even referred to as block and bleed manifolds, have either female or male process connections which connect to transmitters using male National Pipe Thread (NPT). 

As mentioned above, these manifolds are available as a 2-valve assembly with a ½” NPT process connection in which female process connections are standard for these manifolds, but male process connections are also available. 

Coplanar manifolds

This is the second type of manifold which has  the process connection coming in from the bottom and doesn't require a process flange. Coplanar manifolds are available in different sizes such as 2, 3, or 5-valve assemblies, with a 5-valve gas metering pattern. Along with these you can get coplanar manifolds with ½” or ¼” process connection sizes.

Traditional manifolds

Traditional manifolds available in  2 or 3-valve assemblies with the connection on the side. You will find traditional manifolds in both forms - one that requires you to use a flange and the other that doesn't. As for the process connections, they are available as  ½” and ¼”.

Conventional Manifolds

Conventional manifolds are best to use when you need to mount your manifold on the side of a process flange instead of directly on a pressure transmitter sensor. These manifolds are usually available as 2, 3, or 5-valve with the 2 ⅛” center-to-center connection.

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