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Fast Engineer & Fabricator provides the best services of Solvent License Consultant, Petroleum Storage, Peso License Consultant. We are known to help in acquiring Explosive License under Petroleum Rules, 2002, Gas Cylinder Rules 2004, SMPV Rules 1981 and Explosive Rule, 2008 from the Explosive Department having the H.O. at Nagpur and other offices in India. Our company provides various services such as Fresh License Under above Rules, Addition & Alteration in License in above Rules, Renewals of License Under above Rules, Amendments in License in above Rules. Transfer of License in above Rules, Reply of any letter from Explosive Department, Licensability of License, Change of Constitution in License in above Rules, Any Type of Licenses Quota and Certification Related With Industry, Free Consultation in our Office with Prior Appointment, Any work Related to above Department Related with Industry. We are renowned for providing the Liaison Services for Acquiring Explosive License for All India Basis.

For the storage of specific Petroleum Products-storage licences are required. It includes products such as Item declared under Inflammable substances act 1952 are covered under petroleum Rules 2002 and Petroleum Products having Flash point 93 degree centigrade and above attracts No License Intimation and approval under petroleum Rules 2002. The products are divided into few categories including 

Class "A" Petroleum Products  - Hexane, Toluene, Acetone, Ethanol. Methanol, M.E.K, Naphtha, Benzene, Petrol, Pentane, SBP Solvent, Petroleum products having Flash Point below 23 degree centigrade etc.

Class "B" Petroleum Products includes - C-IX, Diesel (HSD), Aromax, M.T.O, Kerosene (SKO), Petroleum products having Flash Point 23 degree centigrade & above but less than 65 degree centigrade etc.

Class "C" Petroleum Products includes - Furnace Oil, L.D.O., Petroleum products having Flash Point 65 degree centigrade & above but less than 93 degree centigrade etc.

Services provided by us as a EXPLOSIVE LICENCE service provider includes:

Preparation of Drawing as per Explosive Rules for approval along with approval of Drawing from Explosive Department.

NOC From District Collector / Police commissioner.

Safety and test Certificates in Form No. 126 & 130 by Competent Person recognized by Chief Controller of Explosive Nagpur.

License from Explosive Department including Addition & Alteration in License, Amendment in Explosive License, Amendment in Explosive License. Renewals of Explosive License


Fast Engineers & Fabricators have been a renowned services provider in the field of providing consultation in activities related to chemical and other industries, We provide Liaison Services for Any Kind of Licenses, Certification and Quota related with Industries.

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