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Peso License Consultant

Peso License Consultant

PESO stands for Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation and is established by Government of India under the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to administer Explosives Act 1884, Explosives Substance Act, Petroleum Act 1934, Inflammable substance Act 1952 and Environment Protection Act 1986. These acts are made to control the import, export, transport, storage and usage of explosive materials, petroleum storage, Flammable materials, pressure vessels, cryogenic vessels, design and installation of all necessary and relevant infrastructure etc. There are various PESO license consultants that help people to understand about the rules and regulations given under these acts. 

The headquarters of Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO)  is established in Nagpur, INDIA. This organization is established to provide certification for products regarding their suitability of usage at places which deal with petroleum or any place which may have substances being explosives in nature (rich in perfect combustible atmosphere).
For getting an Explosive License -  2 applications need to be filed. The first one is  Application for Approval and the second one is Grant of License
Documents required for Applying for Approval
Form No IX duly signed by Authorized Person
D/D of Rs 400/- in the name of THE CHIEF CONTROLLER OF EXPLOSIVE, payable at Mumbai in case of ground Tank and Nagpur in case of Overhead tank.
4 Copies of Plant Layout, Elevation Construction Details, and Details of tank site plan of 100 Mtrs & some notes.
Establishment will get the Approval for Explosive License.
Documents required for Grant of License
Form No.IX Duly Filled and Signed by the Employer.
Rs.______ /-D.D (@ Rs 1000/- for 50 kilo litre Per year)
4 Copies of Plant Layout as above
NOC From Collector / Dist Authority
Factory Regn. Copy. (SSI or LSI)
Memorandum of Articles/ Partnership Deed)
Project Report
Some Photograph of Plant tank area Etc
Tank Testing Certificate from Chartered Engineer
NOC from the supplier of the Petroleum Product
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We help you by assisting you in obtaining Explosive licenses / NOC for manufacturing, storage or transportation of explosives, petroleum products or compressed gases. We liaise with the concerned department on behalf of the client to obtain the requisite NOC / license. Along with Peso License Consultant, we also provide assistance for Solvent License Consultant, Petroleum Storage.

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