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Petroleum is a highly flammable liquid that releases vapour which can easily catch fire and hence is considered as a really dangerous substance.If these kinds of substances are not handled properly, they has the potential to cause a serious fire and/or explosion if there is a source of ignition nearby such as a naked flame, an electrical spark,etc.

Workers in the oil, gas and petroleum industries face the risk of fire and explosion in their normal cause of actions due to ignition of flammable vapours or gases. There can be various Ignition sources such as static, electrical energy sources, open flames, lightning, cigarettes, cutting and welding tools, hot surfaces, and frictional heat. 

Fast Engineers & Fabricators helps by providing various services such as Peso Licence Consultant, Petroleum Storage, Fastengineers and  Fabricators service, and also helps in adhering the rules and requirement as below mentioned:

The law of  Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (PCR) has been made applicable for the proper storage of Petroleum keeping in mind all the safety measures.

PCR 2014 involves regulation regarding:

Workplaces that store petrol where petrol is dispensed directly into the tank of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, ie retail and non retail petrol filling stations;

non-workplace premises storing petrol, for example at private homes, or at clubs/associations (or similar)

Petroleum Enforcement Authorities (PEAs), formerly Petroleum Licensing Authorities (PLAs) are responsible for enforcing the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014. They also continue to enforce DSEAR at workplaces covered by PCR. This means that there is no change to the current enforcing arrangements.

The safe storage and use of petrol in workplaces is also covered by the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

What are the general requirements?

There are some points that needs to be followed while storing dangerous substances like petroleum:

LPG  plant should be designed as per appropriate standards and should be properly installed and commissioned by competent persons

Plant must be identifiable and  maintenance of it should be done on continuous basis

The location of the petroleum , oil and gases industries should be adequate wherein vessels or cylinders are suitably positioned having regard to the relevant codes of practice

Plant must be fitted with adequate safety and proper monitoring and controlling devices should be operated by competent persons

Timely maintenance and audit should be done and the records of maintenance and tests must be kept in proper custody.

Occupiers must notify suppliers of any structural or other changes which might affect the installation process

Proper precautions must be taken to prevent fire and explosion including appropriate protection of storage vessels

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