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Avail Best Gas Dispensers

Avail Best Gas Dispensers

If you are facing problems with the gasoline pumps then we, Fast Engineers & Fabricators are here to provide you with the best and perfect solution for petroleum equipment, gasoline pumps, and fuel dispensers along with best Engineering Service, Steel Fabrication Service and fuels management Service. We have been working in this industry and we match the industry standard for flexible fuel and equipment innovation for any dispensing machinery. Our years of expertise in the petroleum industry is making us the best among companies for providing durability and reliability equipment for c-store and gas station owners. 


Gas dispensers are the dispenser necessary for distributing gas and fuel to the public. Since gasoline is considered to be a hazardous chemical, gas dispensers are subject to EPA compliance standards that assure the security and safety of the public and the business itself. The use of signages are also common which provides the instructions and precautions.

Gas dispensers provide various functions but One of the most  important functions of dispensers is - to accurately measure the total amount of gas being pumped. Equipment should be chosen carefully when opening or remodeling a petroleum business because the proper equipment selection will be of great help for a successful operation. 

Main functions of LPG dispenser

1.Aerated process automatic control, double-sided automatic display and volume during the charging process, as the amount of gas and the unit price (shown with luminous).

2.Mass storage, can query not less than 12000 times of gas data

3.If power is off - Has data protection, display the current gas data at a time. Is also available with a monitoring system, monitoring the temperature of the filling process, flow, control air speed, When the pressure and flow more than set value, Close the valve automatically

4. Has a Built-in import clock system,even if power is off It will Still show the timing accurate and reliable

5.Can query the total cumulative amount at any time

6.Have the function of preset and is Adjustable velocity value and density

7.Configuration of inlet ball valve is possible and Can check every gas data, and aerated time;Can query the shift gas accumulated volume, amount, the cumulative amount of the total.

8. It comes along with functions of automatic detection fault that automatically shows fault code.

9.In the filling process it can directly show the flow rate, temperature and ensure the safety of the gas process

13.No flow signal, automatic shut down, protect the interests of the owner.

14.Small flow protection and comes with metal keyboard

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